PetCo, PetSmart, PetSuperMarket this ones for you guys!

What’s one thing that can cause even the toughest, hard hearted person to their knees?  It’s a puppy.  Now my original idea was to take the mobile restaurant fad and make it into a store.  In California, people have started selling clothing and flowers out of these mobile shops.  At my University, mobile fast food joints would always be stopped in front of popular bars and clubs in order to sell 8$ hot dogs to drunken students, and you thought NYC was expensive?

First, the issue is my state, in Florida you are not allowed to sell anything besides food out of a mobile vehicle, and selling puppies on a side road is not legal which is a good thing.  We don’t want puppies going home with people on impulse buys only to be sent to a shelter after a couple poops on the carpet.  So with that information, I haven’t looked much further into it, but for the big name pet stores, why not expand?
Why not get a mobile vehicle to park at a beach if you can?  Your audience would be every man woman and child who likes puppies at the beach.  The guy on his skates with his Golden Retriever is definitely going to stop by and see what’s going on if his pup stops him in his tracks to smell your delicious treats.  This of course is just an example, and I’m not even sure if any beaches would allow such a “store,” to be parked along the sidewalk of a busy beach.  That’s for someone else to look into.  Not only that but this is merely an ideal example of a location for the shop.  At a popular afternoon happy hour bar, people would bring their puppies all the time.  Why not set up shop and sell treats?  Instead of buying 1$ shots for themselves, they can buy their puppies 1$ treats.  While that is in Florida, I’m sure the loophole of “food” items could be used to be allowed to sell in front of the bar.  This doesn’t even have to be only for PetCo, PetSmart, and PetSupermarket, but for any entrepreneur out there.

What this would do?  Create JOBS.  That’s what the economy needs, is JOBS.  We would need engineers to design and maintain the trucks.  Drivers/salesmen, managers to make sure all the trucks are being maintained, and are coming back with the right stocks of items.  More analysts to see what people are buying.  Would the truck be profitable?  Possibly depending on the location.

So where do puppies come in?  First of all I would be against any sort of selling puppies simply due to the fact they would more often than not be impulse buys.  The puppies would be there as a giant advertisement.  If a family stops by your mobile pet store and see’s a puppy, you can tell them to stop by the store in a day or two to see if they have thought everything out and still be interested.  The guy walking down the sidewalk with his girlfriend?  Oh man, he just figured out what to get her for Christmas.  The puppies are to bring the customers.  Now is everyone going to buy something from your shop, vs just play with the puppies?  Probably not, but that goes for every store.  However, as a dog lover, if I’m walking down the street and take a minute to play with a bunch of baby animals, and I see a treat for a couple bucks, I’d probably end up getting one to take home to my pet.

Another idea for this project would be for the stores to work with local animal shelters to find homes for pets.  It would be philanthropic.  The goal would not be to sell the pets on the spot, but to have them there in the case that some family walks by and just connects at that very moment.  You would provide the address of your store or shelter and move on from there.  A dog needs an outing anyways, especially those being locked up in shelters.

Summary: We would need a truck that opens from the side with items hung along the walls and treats in breathable containers that allows the scents to disperse grabbing the attention of nearby dogs.  Then we would need puppies or shelter pets, not to sell (because that’s not exactly legal) but to use to grab peoples attentions.  Then you would need a small area for the dogs to just “hang out” and allow people to pet them.  However the risks involved with that are up to the companies discretion, obviously aggressive dogs would not be a good choice to use for “show.”  Finally keep some bowls with, and maybe even free kibble sample treats nearby for dogs who just happen to be passing.  If the dog likes it enough the owner will probably buy some after they get the puppy eyes.

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