iMedical Devices, next gen medicine.

I had this idea about a year ago and wanted to actually e-mail Apple thinking this was an incredible new step for them.  I thought maybe they would even promote me to some sort of high executive position within the company simply for coming up with the idea.  What a ridiculous thought, blame my tremendous optimism in life for these delusions.  A guy can hope right?  Even as crazy as that sounded, I’m just being honest, and trying to offer some humor to those of you reading this.  Anyways here’s my idea for Apple: Medical Devices.  Hearing aids, blood glucose testers, defibrillators.  Why not?  Maybe they would be stretching themselves really thin.  I mean there is already a phone in nearly every home.  Why not a small device which takes a blood sample, and attaches to a port in the iPhone with an app that helps analyze the data?

Picture the future of people walking around with white devices with a faint off whitish grey crescent Apple in the ears of the elderly.  Make it cool “fashionable” to walk around with a device that monitors your insulin levels.  Perhaps even move into the pacemaker market, make high-tech stethoscopes, heart monitors, etc…  Anyways this is all imagination, but what better company than Apple to begin making such products to aid those families which already have iProducts anyways?

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