New ideas are few…

How often do you come up with an idea that you instantly want a lawyer for in order to discuss with someone else?  An idea you think is worth billions.  Too bad we can’t just “sell” our ideas and have someone do the work while still receiving profit and credit.  Regardless, I still find myself coming up with ideas which I think are “brilliant,” only to find that the idea is already in action.  The question then remains, can I do it better?
There I was sitting my in my car the other day thinking about looking for another job.  What could I do to separate my resume from all the others?  What can I do to impress hiring managers?  I’ve written many a resume and have only had limited results.  Then an idea popped into my head,  it was genius (in my mind), I would do a video resume.  On my half hour drive home, I went from thinking of making a video resume simply for job seeking, to planning a website for other recent graduates and job seekers to upload theirs.  I even thought of a name, some sort of wordplay for “VCR” symbolic of a step forward in technology, while also taking the idea of creating a catchy name that also subtracts a letter somewhat like flickr.

I had a vision for the company.  I would create jobs for others.  I would create jobs for web designers.  I would create opportunities for make up artists.  I would would find work for sales people.  The idea was to not only upload video resumes, but to have a place where people could go to, get fixed up for a professional resume shoot.  Why not?  I swore it was brilliant.  Upon reaching my house, I Googled “Video Resume” and to my demise there had already been a couple websites.  I was not impressed, but could I do better?  Could I actually create jobs for people?  Would people searching for jobs be willing to pay someone to film a video resume?
Who knows, I scrapped the idea.  It seemed like a great idea.  I had a vision, a dream for a good 30 minutes of my life, but it didn’t seem worth pursuing in the end.

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