DJ’s? What about HJ’s?

First, get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about Hologram Jockey’s.  After watching the Tupac reincarnation as a hologram (which can be seen here on youtube I wondered about the possibilities of hologram technology.  I asked myself “wouldn’t it be amazing if I could see some of the greatest musicians in the world perform in the middle of my living room (or at any venue)?”  Picture yourself in Carnegie Hall watching Beethoven perform his Moonlight Sonata live.  This would be the HJ’s job, although it would probably require a whole team of people to produce the video (perhaps the cost wouldn’t yield enough reward?), reproduce the musical scores, and “reincarnate” a character in video form.

At first this technology would only be available to extremely large venues with large audiences where a tremendous amount of money can be made to balance out the costs because the amount of work required for just five minutes isn’t exactly simple.  Eventually we can start having these “teams” of men start moving their way into homes and restaurants.  Imagine Frank Sinatra in his classic suit performing live in your favorite Italian restaurant.  As technology becomes even cheaper and demands become even greater, perhaps we won’t even need teams of people to set up in our homes to provide this vivid concerts.  I personally don’t enjoy this “electronic music” fad as much as other people, and would prefer to lay back and enjoy classics of all genres.  What if we could watch artists from an era in which we were not even born?

To the potential future HJs:  Think of the potential, think about the music, think about the people and audience. Imagine traveling the world as someone who can help an elderly couple relive a concert from when they first met.  Imagine being in a famed concert hall bringing live the world’s most famous musicians sitting their playing their most beloved pieces.  Imagine bringing back music and talent that seems to be drowned in today’s technologically enhanced and remixed music.  You most likely won’t be performing in the high end clubs in Miami or Las Vegas, but you’ll be performing in peoples hearts and memories.

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