Ever been called metal mouth? Invention time!

Without getting too in depth with the science of “muscle and skeleton anatomy/kinesiology” I came up with this idea as I was taking a comparative vertebrate anatomy class.  In summary, your jaw contains muscles, otherwise it would not be able to open and close.  I’ve noticed a huge trend of people who want to get fit, lose fat here and there, get more muscle, and look healthier which is great, especially with the high levels of obesity in America.  Not only that but scouring the internet I have read questions such as “how can I make my jaw look more masculine?”  We chew food and work out these jaw muscles everyday but I wonder…

Idea: What about an apparatus for exercising your jaw?

I thought this could be one of two possible types of mechanisms.  Either A) it would be some sort of hard rubbery material which you can “chew” which provides resistance, much like taffy or gum, or B) some sort of mouth piece that you can either attach weights to which either hang off the side or provide you with some sort of mechanism that can increase resistance.

A) If you were to go with A you could definitely work out just about every muscle in the jaw utilized in chewing, including the ones which cause your jaw to shift side to side.  However the potential issue with this is the potential choking hazard.  The solution for that would be attaching some sort of guard in the front that would be too large to go into your mouth.  Either way people put much worse things in their mouths, this just needs to have extra safety precautions.

B) Now this can take one of two forms.  Either it is a single mouth piece which can open as you twist a side knob providing resistance to your jaw muscles, or it could be a mouth piece that focuses only on closing your jaw where you can hang an object off the side.

Now since this probably SOUNDS like an item that won’t sell, let me explain.  Models, bodybuilders, random men who seek fitness would likely buy this if it was cheap.  It is just an extra tool they can use to perfect their physiques.  Secondly, I think of this item as a NOVEL tool, much like a shake-weight.  Most of my friends who bought the shake weight never actually bought it thinking it would turn them from a 300 pound person into Arnold Schwarzenegger.  They bought it because they thought it would be a very funny thing to have which they could watch women use for the laughs.

I feel this “apparatus” to improve the physique of your jaw could sell given the right marketing (people love to watch people look silly on tv) and advertisement.  Picture a woman on tv doing hilarious jaw clenching exercises to improve her facial aesthetics!  Since the apparatus probably would not require a tremendous amount of money per unit sold, I could definitely see a profit being made.  The actual designs are unlimited, however safety is one great concern of this, but I’m sure something could be implemented to make it safer than the average bench press or deadlift.

Who doesn’t want to have jaws of steel?

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