Why does Abercrombie & Fitch not carry leather bags for men?

I was an associate of the company for about three years through college.  Most people find the culture somewhat peculiar, and are even afraid of going into the store.  It is somewhat intimidating when there is a giant picture of a half naked person in the front, and when a beautiful young woman greets you with a “hey what’s going on!?”  Anyways I can talk about my experience with this company another time, however this post is to discuss one item I have never seen that I feel could make this company a decent amount of profit (especially with the general consumer they have).

Idea: A leather messenger bag for men!

At first one may think messenger bags are somewhat feminine but take a look at college campuses and even young adults, these bags are of great use, especially when everyone today has some sort of e-tablet.  I feel like the “A&F culture” definitely could sell these leather bags, and since they love to throw their logo on things, why not have a bag with just A&F on the front main flap, or Abercrombie & Fitch written across the shoulder strap?  The culture promotes a “rugged, athletic, yet mature/classy” young adult.  What’s more mature than having a bag that carries all of your most essential belongings with you?  Not only that but the bag could be rugged and very masculine.  After looking and examining their clothes for almost three years, you can see that there are plenty of jackets and brown leather belts that would work great with simply a nice dark brown leather or very dark blue (since A&F does not carry black) bag.

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