10 things that can happen if you succeed

Here’s to the other side of things with reference to the 10 things that can happen if you fail.  There are a ton of things that can happen if you succeed, both good and bad.

1) People will buy you food and drinks.  Let’s say you make that game winning shot.  After you go to the celebration party, people will probably buy you drinks and whatever food you want.

2) Your confidence will increase.  Nothing can boost your confidence like the sweet taste of success.  Success in dating, professional, educational, and any other aspect of life.

3) You will make enemies.  Not everyone likes watching others succeed.  It’s natural, it’s human, don’t blame them.  Just do your best.  The ones who want to see you succeed are the ones who are going to increase your success anyways.

4) You will find more success.  Once one opportunity gets started, more will open.  You may change focus, start something new, get better, improve, and most likely be successful at something else down the road.

5) You may meet more successful people, boosting your own successful network.  What happens when sports teams play other teams?  They meet other successful players.  What happens at big networking events or industry conventions?  A bunch of people meet successful people in the same industry if they at least try.

6) You will try to find that success again.  Imagine being incredibly successful for a brief moment, or even mildly successful.  You’ll probably try to find that success again.  This could possibly lead to good things.  Or bad.

7) You’ll probably fail at a bunch of things after.  Chances are you’ll try more things to build upon your previous success.  Chances are not everything will work out as you planned.  That’s ok, because you’re used to that by now, and if you’re not you probably got lucky.

8) Maybe no one will even notice.  Maybe your high score on minesweeper will never be recognized by anyone.  Ever.  But at least you have the confidence that you are a master minesweeper.

9) Someone will want to make money off you.  This isn’t a bad thing.  Maybe someone wants to write a book about you, or make a statue out of you, or ask you for advice so they can make money.  Something you did was worth talking about and that can be valuable.

10) People will be happy for you.  As much as #3 might hurt, try to ignore it.  There will be many people who are happy for you and try to cheer you on along the way.


How is it you have power over all?

but a mere figment of reality

Controlling what we are worth overall

leaving those without you, without pity.

For you we freely dredge our lives away

For you we give up time to toil and sweat

Like wind you never seem to want to stay

but then, you help make sure our needs are met

Like caring mothers bringing out our best.

You help create a life worth living for

How much of you we get is but a test

and thus we can not help but wish for more.

We wish that you were easy to obtain,

but what would you be worth, less work and pain?

My Green-Eyed Lady.

Green-Eyed Lady

First of all, I’ve never heard “green eyed lady” as a term used to symbolize jealousy before.  With that said, I’ll accept that it is, and will share what makes me jealous.

Jealousy is not a fun emotion to experience, and can be very negative if left unchecked and if its irrational, but… people don’t always think rationally nor know how to perfectly keep their thoughts in check.

With that said, one thing that really makes me jealous is people who write really articles or share stories that suck, but the stories go viral.  Of course this is my own opinion of what stories suck, but we all know those posts on our Facebook feeds that millions of people click on, bringing revenue to the webpage, all because they used some really cheap stupid tactic phrase like “this person was doing something and then what happened next you’ll never guess unless you click to view this crappy article.”

I never click those, and it makes me jealous because they’re getting millions of views off peoples ignorance.

I’m jealous because I would like all those clicks, but I’m not willing to go the cheap route.  I’m not willing to accept that the only way to get lots of viewers is by having a cheap click bait title, or by throwing out an article that is just really controversial but made up or fake, but still gets tons of people discussing it because they don’t realize that they’re just falling into a trap.

As a person who appreciates creativity, none of those people came up with anything unique (except maybe the VERY FIRST person who did it and realized it raised lots of viewers), or even attempted to create something meaningful.  They just threw shit in the air and convinced lots of people look at it.

I also don’t like to tell all those people they’re falling into a trap because that means I have to view the page, and click the link, or comment on the post, which ultimately feeds the poster because it looks like they’re stirring up controversy.  Better to just unfollow the page and let others either learn from experience or be sheep.

Down With The King

My families revenge was on my mind as we rode past the gates to the tyrannical city Hortsher.  The path was paved with bloodied stones from long fought battles, but the walls stood strong.  The walls were formidable against even the most modern trebuchet, and I knew I needed to target the king from within.

We passed as soldiers trained, and blacksmiths hammered their steel weaponry.  Pigs in pens of hay and mud lay along the path as we continued through the interior village.  The tavern of rebels was ahead, as those that stood watch gave signals of recognition.  A simple nod with the left thumb on the right cheek.

The plans were set in motion to take down the king who had destroyed so many families.  The tyrant who destroyed only to destroy and show his power.

“What brings you to the tavern traveler?”

The code words were wrong. What has gone wrong with the plan?  Why did he not say “What brings you here traveler?”

It must have been a signal that guards were on alert.  I continued with the normal code phrase “Nay, just passing through, is this an open tavern?”

The man responded “You should be advised to take your plans elsewhere, we are not welcome to strangers now, it seems there have been plans to undermine the king, might you go down to the inn around the corner.”

At this point we knew that some of the rebels have been captured in our efforts.  We turned the corner as the villagers peered through their shop windows.  Suspicions were looming in the air, and we knew that those who lived here were mostly loyal.

We rode past beggars with dirtied faces, children running in the streets, and prostitutes with sly flirtatious grins.  As we arrived at the inn I noticed our hand signal used by a woman in an alley.  I followed her.

We were lead to a dark area below a city bridge where we could speak in private.

“Our initial plans have been compromised” she said, “we must act tonight.”

“Do we still have the element of surprise madam?”

“Yes, fortunately our rebels are still within the castle, the signals will be given within the hour to overthrow the king.  The escape is no longer guaranteed as the preparers have been captured, but I understand that means nothing to you, and that you would still continue on with this mission.” she warned.

“You’re right, let’s move onward and get into position, are the rest of our people ready.  We originally planned that my partner here continue into the castle for the assassination, but I would like him to take the role of helping the others escape, please let the others know.”

“Are you sure?”


“Then please get to the originally planned position within the sewers, someone will meet you there.” “Please come with me,” she said to my partner.

I left the alleyway as the moon began to rise, and lanterns became lit, visible through the village windows.  The shadows of families against their walls reminded me of a time before the tyrant we called the king.  My blood began to boil, but I remembered I must stay focused.

The guard at the side entry to the castle was one of ours, and stood as I led my horse to a wooded area behind the castle.  He distracted the other nearby guard “Hail, how was your date with Mary Barrows?”

“Ahahahaha, twas quite festive, she has the energy of a horse on fire.”

They laughed together, as I slid past in the moonlight through a grate just below the main door.  I could hear shouts, laughter, and drunken debauchery above me.  It was time for this to end.  At the end of this tunnel beneath the castle sat my disguise.  I was to be a butcher alongside the chef who was part of this plan.  Poison would not work as the chef was forced to taste every plate in front of the king before serving.

We were to continue with and enjoy the festivities throughout the evening.  The attack would begin at half past midnight.  Soldiers were distracted by the female rebels.  They did their jobs wonderfully, flirting with the guards.  I felt bad for them as they despised them as much as I despised the king.

The people within the castle were 5 to 1.  At half past midnight the soldiers had become so drunk with wine and infatuation that they had retired to their chambers.  The king did as well with his usual concubines, laughing their way up the stairs.  I don’t know what happened within, but all we knew was that the women with them would be safe.  The only concern was whether a few select guards, the chef, the jester, and I would be able to escape.

The chef and I proceeded up the stairs toward the kings chamber.  Two guards had approached “You do not belong here.”  The second guard grabbed a dagger and slit the others throat.  It had begun.

The guard threw the body out the nearest window signaling those below that it was time.  Only the outside guards would noticed, forcing them to rush inside.  By the time they had entered the barred doors, the king would already be dead.  Originally, the rebels focused on escape were supposed to set up ropes and bales of hay in multiple locations.  This time we only had one that my partner would set up.  The guards in chambers with the women were gradually awoken, but still in drunken stupor.

We reached the kings chamber.

“For all the families you’ve ruined.” I said as I pulled out my butchers cleaver and brought it across his head as he uttered a syllable “Wh….” interrupted by the sound of the cleaver.

**end story***

do they escape?  who knows….

Writers Block Blues

In an apartment bare and white
I sat there wondering what to write.
I sat there staring at a table
wondering if I'd be able
wondering through the night.

I contemplated form
As I listened to the thunder
As the storm blew Arkansas asunder.
thinking about the storm
thinking about the thoughts that swarmed

The words had come to mind
Finally, I could find
Finally, I could share
Some words laid out in bare
Some words this poem defined.

13 Reasons To Learn Another Language

From http://www.creativewritingprompts.com

1) You’ll seem more cultured when you meet a person who also speaks that language.

2) You may have an opportunity to connect better with just one more person in your life.

3) Why not?

4) Being multi-lingual is a highly valuable skill in many places.

5) It may help improve your memory.

6) Research has shown that different languages change your perspective on life.  I don’t have the research, and I never verified any of the research, but you SHOULD go Bing it and I’m sure something will pop up.  It makes sense though.

7) You feel you have extra free time.

8) You want to challenge yourself with something useful.

9) There’s a really attractive person you want to try and speak with.

10) You want to move to a foreign country one day that speaks the language you plan on learning.

11) You may feel more confident.

12) Someone might be impressed by your ability one day.

13) You can use your skills to improve Google translate tools.

“I’m Gonna eBay My Way Into Your Heart”

Prompt taken from “Writing Prompts That Don’t Suck”

RazorbackFan70: 02/07/2014 11:23:53 AM
Hey there, I just wanted to thank you for the great review.  I had no idea anyone would ever buy this antique collector stuff.

NormalCatLady: 02/09/2014 10:10:01 AM

Lol, omg, I love this stuff!  I couldn’t believe I was able to find the set that you had, and in such great condition!  You cleaned it up real nice too, I appreciated that.  It really helped bring back some memories.

RazorbackFan70: 02/09/2014 12:51:31 PM

I really hope you enjoy them, those things just sat in my attic.  I’m really happy I found a home for them. What do you actually do with those if you don’t mind me asking?

NormalCatLady: 02/10/2014 08:10:25 AM

Nothing special really, I just like looking at them…  Those pieces remind me of when I used to visit my grandparents house out by the lake.  A lot of things changed for me after I last saw my grandmother, and those relics just meant something special to me, lol that’s another story though!

RazorbackFan70: 02/10/2014 09:50:25 AM

Wow, I’m glad they could be so meaningful to you, funny username by the way. Enjoy 🙂

NormalCatLady: 02/10/2014 10:00:02 AM

Thanks and thanks, lol don’t make fun of me! Please let me know if you come across anymore!

RazorbackFan70: 05/01/2014 11:25:00 AM

Hey, you’ll never guess but I came across a similar set in different shapes and colors.  I picked em up for a great deal.  I’d like to send them to you for free, since they were so meaningful to you. Is it OK if I send the items to the same address?

NormalCatLady:  05/10/2014 12:01:01 PM

What wow that’s amazing, no I can’t take them for free…

RazorbackFan70: 05/11/2014 11:12:10 AM

I won’t take no for an answer, I know what it’s like to have something that brings back childhood memories.  I’m would have sent them without you telling me but I wanted to make sure you at least acknowledged first.  It should be there in about a week :).

NormalCatLady: 05/12/2014 10:50:13 AM

I don’t even know what to say.  THANK YOU!

NormalCatLady: 05/18/2014 07:23:10 PM

I just got them, and they sit on pedestal nicely!  These are perfect, thank you again so much.  I noticed you lived in Little Rock (the return address), I’ll be there for a business trip next month, any chance you’d be willing to take me up on some coffee?  It’s the least I can do…

RazorbackFan70: 05/18/2014 08:29:05 AM

Sure I’m not one to turn down a drink from a pretty woman, here’s a recent picture of me: “<img RazorBackFan70.jpg>”  I had longer hair in my profile image, but I swear I’m still just as handsome! lolll

There’s a cool little spot called Jos Cup A Joe. What’s your number so we can keep in touch?

NormalCatLady: 05/19/2014 07:03:49 AM

Haha, you’re silly.  It’s 123-555-1234, shoot me a text, and I’ll get in touch with you as the time gets closer.

In an interesting city.  On a sunlit road.  During a warm summer day.  At 1PM.  in the middle of June.  In a cozy coffee shop.  A man eBayed his way into a woman’s heart.